City by the Sea - Exhibition Launch @THE BEAM

City by the Sea - Exhibition Launch @THE BEAM

The City by the Sea surfboard exhibition at THE BEAM represents the first step for the VAUX site in celebrating and promoting the creative and cultural excellence within the region.  We are very pleased to be working in partnership with some of the regions most talented creatives on this project.   

Eight local artists and two schools were commissioned to work either directly onto surfboards or to produce high quality images that were printed and mounted onto the surfboard.  The range of approaches included painting, illustration, photography and printmaking, offering a diverse and exciting range of responses to the city, the coast line, the past, the present and the future of the city. 
The City by the Sea artists include:
Jessica Brown 
Painter and PhD candidate at University of Sunderland, Jessica experiments with the material properties of paint, combined with her interest in landscape painting.  Jessicas design playfully pushes the audience to rethink the familiar cityscape of Sunderland.
Alex Charrington 
Printmaking is central to Alex Charrington’s practice.  The inspiration for Alex’s surfboard design comes from Bede, the famous Anglo-Saxon Monk and Christian Theologian from Sunderland. Bede was the first person in Europe to write about the relationship between the tide and the phases of the moon. The hand symbols in Alex’s design are part of this system, and the lettering and border designs were taken from his manuscripts. Alex loves to surf the North East coastline.
Pete Evans
Pete Evans is a multimedia artist whose work is rooted in how the creative process can explore deep philosophical questions about the nature and experience of reality. Working directly onto the surfboard Pete’s work reflects on the beautiful north east coast line, bringing into his aesthetic, both a visual and philosophical reinterpretation of the landscape.  Pete is a keen surfer. 
Jo Howell
Photographic artist Jo Howell drew on her expansive archive of images of her hometown, Sunderland, to create this commission.  Jo mixes handmade and digital techniques, working drawing and printmaking into her photographs to create bold and playful art works.
Kevin Petrie
Over the last two years Kevin has been a regular member of the Fausto Café Swimming Club, meeting regularly at Roker beach to swim the coastline of Sunderland. Returning to his studio Kevin makes striking paintings that capture the experience, the feeling and the momentum of the swim.  Head of the School of Art & Design and Professor of Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland.
Rosie Power
University of Sunderland, Glass and Ceramics undergraduate and keen surfer, Rosie Power has created a surfboard design based on the River Wear.  The hand drawn rippling lines have an op-art effect.  The work cleverly invokes a sense of movement and explores the way in which the river and the sea affect the shape of the landscape. 
Kathryn Robertson
Kathryn’s illustrations take overlooked elements from the city, weaving them together to create a vibrant depiction of the past and the present, side by side. Kathryn is currently studying for a BA in Graphic Design at The University of Sunderland
Sangini (“friend” in Hindi) is a pioneering arts based practice, who have worked with over 5000 black and minority ethnic women over the last 17 years.  The work is a collaborative, mixed media piece which explored different aspect of Sunderland past and present. 
Broadway Junior School
Kieran, Jack and Taylor from year 6at Broadway Junior School worked collaboratively to realise this wonderful representation of the city.  The board was a team effort and many of the Y6 Broadway children had a hand in finishing the design. 
Bexhill Academy
Logan, Y3 drew inspiration from stain glass windows to create his inspired and unique surfboard design. The realisation of the work was a whole school effort with over 50 children and teachers being involved in bringing the design to fruition.  

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is no visitor/guest car parking on site but there are public car parks either side along St Mary's Boulevard – St Mary’s Car Park and Livingstone Car Park. The entrance to the site will be clear as there is a large paved walkway. The main entrance is on the east side facing Wearmouth Bridge. 


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact Lucy Livingstone - lulivingstone@outlook.comif you have any further questions about the event.  




31 May 2019 at 6:00pm
until 31 May 2019 at 8:00pm

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