The Philanthropic Act: benevolence or manipulation?

The Philanthropic Act: benevolence or manipulation?

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What role has philanthropy in the 21st century? Recent controversies, especially in the arts, where links between the source of philanthropists wealth and the oil or pharmacutical industries have raised ethical questions and sparked protests at galleries and boycotts of exhibtions. 

Meanwhile, Sunderland's Hendon Library offers a more positive example of the difference philanthropy can make.  Now managed by Back on the Map, the library is one of three in Sunderland and over six hundered in the UK built with grants from Victorian industrialist and  philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. 2019 is the centenary of Andrew Carnegies death and this offers an appropriate moment to reflect on philanthropy and what it means today. 

Policy makers and politicians want to increase philanthropy to support the arts and civil society. In 2018 the  government set out its aim to make the UK the 'global centre for philanthropy practice' describing philanthropy as capable of empowering local people and reinvigorating civic pride. But is this credible and does philanthropy have its limits where it becomes less an act of unselfish generousity but more of means of cleansing stained reputations and maintaining status?

The Philanthropic Act brings together a range of speakers to consider and discuss the role of philanthropy in the arts and civil society in the 21st Century.

10 Sep 2019 at 1:00pm
until 10 Sep 2019 at 3:30pm
Back On The Map
67 Toward Road

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